Baoding Tongli Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Established in 1981, Baoding Tongli Electric Equipment Co.,ltd. is the largest manufacturer  specialized in research, development and production of security tools and instruments, drops-out fuse cutout, disconnect switch, arrester and composite insulator in North China.

The company is the member of China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association, the third group enterprise recommanded by the SETC which supplied the equipments and procucts for   “national urban and rural power grid construction and transformation .What’s more,the company has gained the ISO9001:2000 Internationnal Quality Management System certification and all the products have passed several tests by national authority institutions and comply with international quality standards. Our products are sold in Czech, Russia, India, Mongolia, Kenya, Iran, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and well appreciated by the byuers. Furthermore, we are agent of some electric products of the enrerprise in Korea,the USA....

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